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White Glove Delivery and Returns Service Levels

Our services are flexible and varied in order to meet the challenges of the complex e-commerce fulfillment and supply chain requirements that customers have come to expect. Our service levels indicate how many additional services are required and the service types distinguish between a last mile or every mile solution.  Every service level is available for all types of service. No matter if it a Last Mile return that requires packaging or a Full Transportation Delivery that requires light assembly and a stair carry our flexible network was built to simplify. 

Service Levels

Plus: Inside delivery to garage or first dry area. 24 hour pre-delivery notification and four hour delivery window. 

Enhanced: All of the Plus level with additional services including Inside delivery, room of choice, unpacking and debris removal. 

Premium: All of the Enhanced services and 30 minutes of light assembly, stair carries for single items up to 300lbs. for first 10 steps. 

Last Mile

153 Home receives shipment from carrier of your choice and makes the final mile delivery. 

Last Mile Return

153 Home provides pickup service from your customer and hold for the carrier of your choice. 

Full Transportation Delivery

153 Home assigns our carrier and provides transportation and final mile delivery.  

Full Transportation Return

153 Home provides pickup service from your customer and assigns our carrier to provide transportation to a returns center or manufacturer. 

Last Mile Logistics

Doorsteps and Beyond


Less-Than-Truckload shipping is a cost effective and efficient means of moving product from origin to destination. However, today's e-commerce consumer expects more than just a delivery truck sitting at the end of their driveway. In many cases, having a white glove delivery program can be the difference between making a sale and the dreaded shopping cart abandonment. We go beyond the ordinary to create a positive customer experience and close more sales. 

Forward Deployment


Increase your speed to market by utilizing our network of over 100 delivery facilities throughout the United States. Deploying your inventory closer to your customers allows you to fulfill  orders faster and reduce your cost by consolidating your shipping. Choosing any of our facilities to increase efficiency and reduce transit times. Forward deployment also allows for other value added services. One such service is deluxing. A pre-delivery inspection of each piece is completed. This pre-delivery inspection ensures that every item is ready to be delivered and minor repairs can be made before delivery. This reduces returns and helps foster a positive customer experience. 

Last Mile Logistics


The logistics of last mile deliveries is often the most challenging component of any supply chain that delivers direct to consumers. Our company leadership helped pioneer the logistics of direct to consumer deliveries. What began as a delivery network for business to business customers who needed services that went beyond the traditional dock delivery evolved over time into on the largest home delivery companies in the United States. Our Executive team was an integral part of that evolution. We don't just have experience we helped write the book on last mile logistics.